The GREAT Project goes behind the scenes

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Recently, the GREAT Project and some participants headed over to FareShare East Midlands to find out more about the charity that’s fighting hunger.

FareShare is the UK’s largest charity dedicated to fighting hunger and food waste. By distributing surplus food to charities and community support groups, they are able to provide 46.5 million* meals to individuals in need.

Through delivery partner, Business in the Community, the GREAT Project was able to visit FareShare’s Wigston depot and find out more about how the charity functions. We started off with a presentation; we learnt where FareShare receives their surplus food from, what types of food they receive and how they deliver it across the country.

We then took a tour of the facility and saw first-hand all the food they receive, the food that would have been wasted, and the results were shocking. It was eye-opening for us all to see just how much surplus food there is, and how much would go unused without all the amazing work FareShare does.

Finally, we ended our day with an open discussion about all the different volunteering opportunities FareShare has to offer. This gave our participants a chance to ask any questions about the various positions available and further understand the incredible impact that volunteers have.

Thanks to our delivery partner, Business in the Community, we are able to provide our participants with these types of ‘behind the scenes’ tours. These type of activities are crucial to our participant’s journey, as it helps them make informed decisions about what type of work or industry they want to work in.

Thank you for having us, FareShare!

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