GREAT exceeds their initial target!

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It’s time for a celebration as Anita, an Employment Support Officer, signed up the GREAT Project’s 500th participant!

This means that the project has exceeded it’s initial lifetime target of working with, and supporting, 500 individuals get back into work or training.

Those that join the project do so because they’re in need of support and guidance. All of the individuals on the project face barriers that prevent them from finding work and need help to overcome these barriers. The GREAT Project has supported nearly 100 people get back into work and helped many more into further education or training.

However, despite reaching its initial target, the project would still like to engage with more men as nearly three quarters of its participants are female. The GREAT Project has learnt that men are less likely to access the support that’s available to them due to numerous different reasons. But with the launch of their new campaign, ‘Behind Every GREAT Man’, the project hopes to encourage more men to reach out and ask for help.