Another participant secures a paid role!

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Shauna is a young adult living at home with her father and had been out of work for 18 months prior to joining the GREAT Project. She was struggling to find work and found herself going round in circles when applying for jobs; she was consistently putting in the effort, but not getting anywhere. Shauna was continuously told differing opinions when it came to her CV, making her have doubts when it came to applying for roles.

Shauna had heard of the GREAT Project through word of mouth, but really came into contact with the project when her work coach at the Jobcentre explained in more depth all the GREAT Project has to offer. When Shauna met with her Employment Support Officer (ESO), Anita, she confided that she was exceptionally nervous, but was prepared to give a try as she’d heard the project had really good outcomes and success stories. Although she wasn’t sure what to expect, she was prepared to give it a try as she wanted to make a positive change.

Shauna told Anita how she was feeling and what areas she’d like support in, allowing Anita to carefully craft a support plan tailored to her needs. Together they worked on Shauna’s CV, drafting versions to suit the different sectors Shauna was interested in working in; retail, social care or administration.

Through delivery partner, Business in the Community, Shauna attended pre-placement training before starting a two week work placement at a popular high street retailer. This was to help Shauna feel as prepared as possible before starting her placement. Although she felt nervous about attending, she went and found other participants in a similar situation to her. Knowing she wasn’t alone gave Shauna the confidence to speak up and be an active member of the group. She felt that by sharing her opinions and experiences, it might help make other participants feel more at ease.

Shauna thoroughly enjoyed her placement with the retailer and found that it challenged her as she had to step outside her comfort zone. She also liked having more routine and structure in her life, and felt this kept her motivated.

Shauna, speaking of her time on the project, said:

“Even if you’re nervous, just do it. I was really nervous but I pushed myself to do it. It made me more independent and helped me with my barriers. I’m more confident and motivated now, and I learnt that I can do more than I thought.”

Anita, reflecting on Shauna’s journey, said:

“When I first met Shauna she came across as a really positive and confident young woman. Working with Shauna was a joy; she was so friendly and bubbly and was at a point in her life where she wanted to make a change. Shauna was so committed to doing what she could to secure work and I’m so happy that her efforts were noticed.”

After her placement, Shauna was successfully offered a temporary contract with the retailer, but hopes to secure a more permanent post once her contract comes to an end.