Thank you again to those who have already been in touch and made the necessary changes. As a reminder, however, and to those who haven’t:

Please remember that all annex forms should only be printed from the BBO Website, not off-line copies, and must be printed in colour.

Your website MUST feature the Lottery/ESF logo in a prominent position, alongside the GREAT Project logo, at a height no less than 2.5cm. If your own logo is larger than this, then the Lottery/ESF Logo must be at least as high as the largest logo.

It may be that you simply have one page that refers to your work with the Project. In which case, it would be acceptable for the logo to be featured here, but for safety, it is best if the Lottery/ESF Logo is placed visibly on your home page.

All materials used in conjuction with the project (forms, sign-in sheets, posters, promotion) must also contain these logos at a height no less than 2.5 cm - and the same size as the largest other logo.

You can download the current logos here:

For more information

If you have any questions please get in touch with Phil. [email protected]